VS9O 1958 Oman


Operator Peter Rackham, VS9O, located 400 miles inside the desert of the very rare Sultanate of Oman. Peter was mostly on 21 Mc phone. He said; "I didn't have a license for Oman as no one could issue me one!" "There was no post office and the Sultan didn't understand what amateur radio was about. So I just went on the air, as so many other DX stations do. After a while, when I was doing fine, the British police, or army--I don't know which--told me to pack it up right quick, or I would find myself in the local jail! So I just had to QRT!"

I was with the Cities Service Oil Company, looking after their radio equipment.

Peter is now back in England as G3IRQ mostly on 10 meters.


Photo and card scan from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Magazine #54, December 9, 1958