DU1VVS 1949 Philippines

photo, CQ Magazine Sept. 1950

Here are 3 photos of the Naval Radio Station Bago Bantay where Jess and I worked. You can see many antenna support poles and the quonset huts where we were berthed.

The strange shaped building in the upper part of the photo housed the transmitters we operated. The quonset hut in the center was the head and showers.

The large white building with the dark tank next to it was our power house where our generators were located. We used power from the local grid but it was not always reliable, thus we had our own supply powered by 16 cylinder diesel engines. The white buildings beyond were the EM Club and the white ones in the distance were the OIC and assistant OIC's on base quarters. They were the only married folks with on base housing. All other married folks rented housing from the nearby community.

I was browsing your web site with the antique QSL cards when I saw DU1VVS. Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's I worked with Jess Escalante at a US Navy transmitter facility called Bago Bantay. It was located in Quezon City, a suburb of Manila. I was a US Navy radioman and Jess was a civilian technician. One night I saw him make contact with a fellow in Colorado. Jess' transmitter was very small and only had one vacuum tube! I was impressed. Jess used to tell me, "Art, it is all in the antenna."

Info and photos from Art Ritchie
QSL from the estate of W9ABB / W9HK
Hamshack photo courtesy of KB4SAD