K4ESH 1946 Puerto Rico

Juan B. Castanera using call sign K4ESH, post war KP4CC. I know his son - KP4B with same name is still alive in a Florida retirement community. July 2014

Juan B. Castanera is retired Army. He installed the first cell phone system in PR around late 1980`s early 1990`s. He also worked in many military radars install in South America. In 1973 when the Nicaragua earthquake happened he was stationed there an told me that he was the first ham radio operator that called for help.

His father looks exactly like him, owned a radio shop in the 1930`s on PR. Juan told me once that when other kids were playing with toy cars and trucks he was playing with tubes, 6L6`s and radio parts.

QSL from the estate of W8NBK
Courtesy of K8MFO
Info courtesy of WP4LNP