CR5AR 1958 Sao Tome & Principe


This card asking for money was mailed without contact confirmation! That involved something which became quite an issue at the time. In 1958 it was not expected that somebody else would pay the DX station's postage, even if the station was in a very rare place. Therefore, when CR5AR sent out that postcard to people who had mailed him a QSL, it caused a lot of outrage in the DX community, and the ARRL decided to count that postcard as a confirmation valid for DXCC so that the hams who worked CR5AR did not have to mail money to CR5AR to get DXCC credit for Sao Tome.

QSL from the estate of ET3VC, MP4BDL, HZ3TYQ, HZ3TYQ/8Z4, W8NUV, W2YOJ, W1TYQ
Postcard from the estate of K8KAE
Info courtesy of K3ZO