VQ9AR 1966 Seychelles Island

Indian Ocean Tracking Station

Anthony M. Rogozinski, most recent calls: W4OI and HK1AR.

Licenses previously held: N7BG, KN5LMJ, K5LMJ, W7HZF, WA6BOU, W6JPC, K4KES, F7BK, VQ9AR, VP5AR, 9G5AR, TY5AR, CN2BG, HK3KAV,
HK0/HK1AR, 5V7BG, TU/N7BG, OJ0/N7BG, 5B4/N7BG, ZC4/N7BG, ZF2AR, HB9/N7BG, EA8/W4OI, one of the ops at 6Y1V (2007) and others.

W4OI at Dayton in 2012

QSL from the estate of ET3VC, MP4BDL, HZ3TYQ, HZ3TYQ/8Z4, W8NUV, W2YOJ, W1TYQ
Info courtesy of W5KNE