FD8AMS 1960 Togo

Operator: Angus E. Murray - Stone


Angus' FD8AMS station consists of a Vanguard transmitter, running 50 watts; Hallicrafters S40B receiver, Eddystone 750 receiver, G5RV multiband dipole up 16 feet.


Angus with wife and dog, mid 1960's

To Bob W4QCW
With sincere personal regards,
Angus Murray-Stone


Angus' station at 5N2AMS

QSL W6YA Collection
1st hoto from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Magazine #106, August 17, 1960
Photo sent to DX Magazine by W6KUT
2nd & 3rd photos courtesy of W4QCW / W4DR