W6WZP 1946 San Diego, CA

Operator: Doctor Power B. Sogo 1925-2003

Son of a Japanese farm manager born in San Diego, Ca. Power was one of seven kids, unfortunately the Sogo family wound up at a relocation center, Colorado River Complex AZ in 1943. Power Sogo was a well educated man becoming a physicist at U.C. Berkeley Radiation Labs per city records in 1958. Much has been publicized about the Japanese relocation centers as a part of war preparation stateside. Power was one of us earning his Amateur Radio ticket and enjoying 20 meters in 1946 from San Diego. in 1982 Dr. Sogo was chairman of science division and professor of physics at the University of Hawaii-Hilo and expired there in 2003.

From the Waller Estate, W8RVU / W8CL
Tnx W8SU