W3KY 1931 Pleasantville, New Jersey

W3KY was the call of a club my father belonged to.  I now hold the "club" call.
On the card: This was the clubhouse, first occupied in 1931.
It was located next to Lake's Bay, on the meadows in Pleasantville NJ, overlooking Atlantic City.
The (commercial) artist was the brother of one of the members.
It was destroyed by a fire about 1935.  All the radios and club papers were lost.
My father said he thought it was the wife of one of the members who burned it down,
tired of him spending too much time there.


Photo: This is 25 of the Founding Members.
The photo was taken inside the old Clubhouse shown on the QSL card above (My father is not in photo).

QSL, Info & Photo courtesy of K2TQN