W3LIK 1960 Sharon, Pennsylvania

Operator: F.B. Phil Phillips

Born 1903, sk 1976. First licensed 8VN in 1921, 8BTQ in 1923, W8JRC in 1932. He was an electrical Engineer at Westinghouse Transformer Division, Order Service & Design Engineer, Transformer Design. Attended Carnegie Tech. Charter Member of Mercer County Radio Club, Active in Boy Scouts, Boy Scout Station W8RAJ, Married with 2 sons (1958). Hobbies: 8mm Movies, Model Airplanes. In 1921, living in North Braddock, PA., he talked to radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh. They were broadcasting the World Series game with 500W of power. Fernley was running 1KW and interfered. They asked him to stand by until completion of the game.

QSL courtesy of W8SU
Info courtesy W8CXO