OK2AK Czechoslovakia

Operator: Hans H. Plisch

Although undated, this card (at bottom right) confirms a contact;
it is mostly something of an advertising card for The OK2AK Beam System.
The card shows earlier calls; ex: 3SK, YU7AK and claims WAC with 3 watts in 1929.

Here is the German background of Hans Plisch, EC3SK, D4AHQ, DE486N, DL3JJ. He lived in Viernheim (Germany) and Novy -Erbersdorf in Sudetenland (Sudety) and was DASD Liaison-officer ("Beauftragter") of Sudetenland before its occupation and relegation to Germany, in October, 1938. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudetenland
He was then posted to Berlin. Received "Kriegsfunkgenehmigung" (Wartime licence) D4AHQ on 25. August, 1944. After the war held call DL3JJ.
Died 5. September, 1966.

QSL & Info G4UZN Collection
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