W6ODD/CR8 1948 Damao, Diu Island

There was only one operation from this rare entity. It was Bill Hunton, W6ODD, on August 2nd, 1948. Mr. Hunton only made 55 contacts. Bill is now a SK.

A W6ODD/CR8 card was sent to W1FH. That card is now at ARRL HQ in Newington with the W1FH collection. K8CX owns one from the W6VFR, W6FR collection. W6YA sent a scan for HamGallery from the W6ITA, W6RR collection. A 4th is listed on the F6AJA QSL Collection website. If anyone else has one, please send me the scan for this site. Im sure most have been destroyed when the owners became SK. There may be a few more around. Please let me know! K8CX

Courtesy of K1AJ and N1DG