D4CHT 1930 Germany

D4TH, X1CZ, XE1CD, D4CHT Carlos Retelsdorf, was a member of LMRE,  the Mexican Amateur Radio Society, and DASD, the German one. His German calls were EK4TH, DE1644 J, DE1644 X, D4CHT, all from Hamburg. Carlos was born in Veracruz of German parents, and owner of a coffee plantation known as "La Bola de Oro", located a mile and a half from Coatepec, where he operated an amateur radio station. During World War II he became a spy for Nazi Germany, maintaining communications with Berlin and with submarines in the Atlantic. There were others in his group - not radio amateurs - and some of them were arrested and deported to the U.S.A. Carlos  is in the call-book with his later call XE1CD in the early 1940's.  We know little about him after 1945. Allegedly he held the US call sign K1CZ. In 1982  Award #3 of the "Azteca de Oro", the pestigiuos diploma of the Federación Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores, established in the same year, was given to Carlos Retelsdorf Koch from Aguascalientes.

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