D5FF 1947 Germany

French Occupation Forces.
Someone wrote on the card "Bootleg, NG for DXCC". It's a bootleg because it says QSL via a HB9. All French forces cards went via the REF.

Armin Drasdo, D5FF was the infamous black-sender OY4C, who saved only one intervention of the DASD President Sachs before a condemnation of the Reichskriegsgericht. From August 1945 he can be heard again as OY4C, then as D5F, D5FF and finally DA5FF. Under this call sign, he will be European winner in all ARRL and CQWW competitions. In 1947/48 he experimented, now DL1FF, in the 5- and 6-m-Band. He dies at age 58.

Interesting - I used to listen to DL1FF on top band c.w. when I was a s.w.l. - that was a long time ago. G4UZN

QSL from the estate of W8IZQ
Info courtesy G4UZN
Info translated from website QSL Collection at DokuFunk, Vienna, Austria by OE1WHC