W2JE/J5 1946 Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands

Augustine John Gironda, W2JE, ex-2JE, Silent Key (1902-1993).
In a 1952 callbook he had the call K2FAD for the Air National Guard Armory, White Plains, New York.

It appears that the J5 from Okinawa could be correct, looking into the Japanese page info indicates that the "pre-war" call sign for Okinawa was J5, same as the southern part of mainland Japan, and some early US military hams on Okinawa used the J5 call sign either just before the official change (to J9Axx) or did not know about the change at that time.

Callsigns from QST from that time period: W3GZT/J5, W6NFL/J5, W6URY/J5 on Okinawa.

QSL from the estate of W5BGP / W5IO
QSL & SK info courtesy of W5KNE
J5 Info courtesy of Donn Cuson
Additional J5 callsign info courtesy of 5B4AHJ