VQ1SSB 1959 Zanzibar

The QSL was made on the back of my VQ4GX card and stenciled with cut out cardboard and boot polish.


Photo of John Roberts VQ1SSB, VQ4GX, (now VK4TL) operating from the rooftop of the Pigalle Hotel Zanibar with a Don Spooner W6TNS type receiver and homebrew transmitter. I single handedly managed to get a full sized 20 metre cubical quad mounted up on the hotel.

VK4TL's old calls GW3IVS, G3IVS, VS6CW, VQ4GX, VQ3GX, 5H3GX, VQ1SSB, and ex-op of RAF Gibraltar club station ZB2A.

QSL Courtesy of W5KNE
From the estate of W5BGP, W5IO
Photo courtesy of VK4TL