I collect the Don Chesser W4KVX DX Bulletins. I try to match the info and photos from the bulletins with the QSL cards on my QSL Gallery. This helps document the history of ham radio and make the pages more interesting. Here is a list of missing issues. If you have any of these, please let me know.

Issue #1 was a postcard announcing the DXpedition of Joe Reisert & Fred Capossela to Navassa Is. as W2HQL/KC4 & W2IWC/KC4 on June 7, 1957. 130 postcards sent, most didn't get the card until a week to 10 days after the 8 hour DXpedition was history. Some didn't get the card at all! It was the first and last time Don ever used postcards!

Missing issue:
Issue 2 - 5.
Don said in issue 23 that most of his subscribers didn't receive December 18, 1957, issue 22. Don said only a bundle of copies, mailed later in a different box from the rest, seemed to have got through the Christmas rush. Don didn't resend issue 22.

Ether Waves magazine started in October 1952. We need most of these.

Here is some interesting info:
Issue #96 was dated April 22, 1960, it was the fire issue!
Then the end:
Issue #211 was dated December 28, 1963
Issue #212 was dated February 15, 1964.
Issue #213 was dated February 29, 1964 (no goodbyes, it just ended).
Notice the gap in dates on the last 3 issues!

Please send missing issues to:
Tom Roscoe K8CX
857 Albright McKay Road NE
Brookfield, OH 44403 USA

Let me know if you want postage re-embursement.



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