I am a QSL Collector. I am looking for Don Miller cards.
What I have is outlined in
black, what I need is in red.
Does anyone have any of the photo Don Miller cards?

I will trade for the ones that I need. Here are the ones that I have dupes of:
VR5AB Tonga Is, VK2BRJ/9 Norfolk Is, VQ8CCR Rodriguez, VQ8CBR Rodriquez, VQ8CBN Nelson Is, VQ8CB/A Blenheim Reef, VQ9AA/D Desroches, W9WNV/XU Cambodia, W9WNV/8F3 Indonesia, VQ9AA/A Aldabra Is, VQ9AA/C Chagos Is, VQ8CBB St. Brandon, VK2ADY/VK9 Cocos-Keeling, HL9KH Korea, VQ9AA/F Farquhar, W9WNV/ZK1S Suwarrow Atoll, VQ8CB/A Geyser Reef, K7LMU/3W8 South Vietnam, FO8M Maria Theresa, PY0XA St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks, FR7ZP Glorioso, 1S9WNV Spratly, 1M4A Minerva Reef, VR2EW Fiji, ZK2AF Niue, K7LMU/HS Thailand, VU2WNV Laccadive, K7LMU/HC8E Ebon Atoll, W9WNV/HK0 Bajo Nuevo, W9WNV/HK0 Serrana Bank, K7LMU/TI9C Comoran Reef, 1B9WNV Blenheim Reef, 1G5A Geyser Reef, YJ8WW New Hebrides, VK2ADY/VK0 Heard Island, W9WNV/ZM7 Tokelaus, K1IMP/KC4 Navassa Island, W9WNV/KG6R Rota Island, FW8ZZ Wallis Island.

W9WNV Home call (from 1952)
W9WMX, Don said he never had this callsign  
W9WNV/MM 1965 - 1968
See card here!
Card probably printed but never used.
HL9KH South Korea (1962 - 1964)
HK9KQ MARS Station in Osan, S. Korea 1962
W9WNV/KG6R Rota (16/2 to 25/2/63)
KG61D Douglas Reef (31/5 to 2/6/63)
W9WNV/XU Cambodia (29/9 to 6/10/64)
K7LMU/3W8 South Vietnam (19/10 to 28/10/64)
See card here!
New York (1965)
5W1AD Western Samoa (8/65)
YJ8WW New Hebrides (8/65)
BY4SK China (9/65)
W9WNV/8F3 Indonesia (9/65)
XZ2TZ Burma (9/65)
K7LMU/HS Thailand (10/65)
1S9WMV Spratly Islands (10/65)
K7LMU/HC8E Ebon Atoll (10/65)
W9WNV/ZM7 Tokelaus (11/65)
K7LMU/TI9C Cormoran Reef (11/65)
VR2EW Fiji Islands (11/65)
VR5AB Tonga Islands (12/65)
ZK2AF Niue (1/66)
FW8ZZ Wallis Island (1/66)
1M4A Minerva Reef (4/66)
FO8M Maria Theresa (4/66)
W9WNV/ZK1S Suwarrow Atoll, North Cook Is. (5/66)
VK2ADY/VK0 Heard Island (7/66)
VK2ADY, Don said only used on Heard Is., not Australia Australia
See card here!
Laos (white letters in red oval).
PY0XA St. Peter & Paul Rocks (8/66)
K1IMP/KC4 Navassa Island (9/66)
W9WNV/HK0 Serrana Bank (9/66)
W9WNV/HK0 Bajo Nuevo (9/66)
VQ9AA/D Desroches Island (10/66)
VQ9AA/F Farquhar (11/66)
FH8GF Comoro Island (11/66)
Aldabra (11/66)
FR7ZP Glorioso (11/66)
1G5A *
Geyser Reef (11/66)
VQ9AA/C Chagos Island (1/67)
1B9WNV *
Blenheim Reef (1/67)
Laccadives (1/67)
See card here!
Laccadives 1967
Card probably printed but never used.
VU2WNV, Don said he never used this callsign from India. India (1/67)
VK2BRJ/9 Norfolk Island (2/67)
VQ8CB/A, Don said this callsign was never used, only VQ8CBR Mauritius,Quatre Bornes(8/67)
VQ8CBB St. Brandon (8/67)
VQ8CB, Don said this callsign was never used, only VQ8CBR Mauritius (9/67)
VQ8CBR Rodrigues (9/67) Don Miller
VQ8CCR Rodrugues (9/67) Steve Gibbs
VQ8CHR Rodrigues (9/67) Larry Page
VK2ADY/VK9 Cocos-Keeling (10/67)
VQ8CBN Nelsons Island (12/67)
W9WNV/Blenheim Reef Blenheim (12/67)
VQ8CB/A Blenheim Reef (12/67)
W9WNV/Geyser Reef Geyser Reef (12/67)
VQ8CB/A Geyser Reef
5R8BA Malagasy Republic 1/68

* Non-gloss card with nothing but report box on back. These were sent to DXers right after the DXpedition that helped sponsor the DXpedition.

If you have any of these and can part with them, please contact me at:


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