This is Keith, VP2MEG, a great personality from Montserrat. He visited me on my last day on Antigua. He invited me to stay with him on my next visit. He can get me licensed in VP2M quickly. We are currently in daily contact via Email. He is also keeping me updated on the active volcano on his Island.

Notice the pile of filters on the right side of the amp. They are very necessary. There is a 500 kilowatt BBC transmitter and antenna farm about 1000' from the shack. With the filters, the BBC is almost un-noticeable. Without, the BBC is at least 20 DB over 9 on most bands. There were some ICE filters down there. However, Tim Duffy, K3LR, lent me his fine tuned filters for the trip. I bought the WARC filters myself. 17 Meters was still a tough band, even with the filters. If you go down, bring your own filters to be safe.