Tribute to Donald Archibald Hoffman 8UX, 8ADU, W8FRY

February 3, 1898 - 1956

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Donald Archibald Hoffman (1898-1956), W8FRY, ex-8ADU, 8UX

He was first licensed in 1914 with the call letters 8ADU. He had the first rotary spark gap and first Audiotron detector in Akron, Ohio. He was a cartoonist for QST and drew illustrations for the early Old Man and Young Squirt stories.

We are looking for copies of his regional ham magazine called "Youngstown Radio Amateur News" Then in the 1940's the publication was renamed to "Ham Flashes" The several page magazine was full of regional ham news on each licensed ham here in the Valley and advertisements, wanteds - for sale etc. It just might be one of the only pieces of historic component about our radio hams of the 30s and 40s -- Flashes was produced until 1956 by Don Hoffman W8FRY.

I have 7 issues of them starting out with number two in May 1932. One issue is incomplete or torn and the last issued is No 77 dated June 1956, Om Claire Sutton W8CMS - printed on the cover, "This is the last issue of Ham Flashes by Don Huffman W8FRY, ex 8UX es 8ADU, his name and call appears in July 1956 QST Silent Keys."
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Cartoon from The Sun (New York, NY) April 20, 1919

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