2005 DXCC Countries Worked
by W1JR, Joe Reisert


2005 was a challenging year for DXing. As expected, the lower sunspot
numbers caused the upper HF bands to be poor. At the same time,
numerous ionospheric disturbances adversely affected propagation on
the lower HF bands.

For the last 20 years, each year I try to work every available DXCC
entity on any band or mode and keep notes on those I missed. To make
it more interesting, some years I add a twist like trying to work as
many entities on special modes such as CW, Digital or QRP etc.

When evaluating DXCC activity, one must be particularly careful with
trusting packet spots since numerous TEST messages, thanks for QSL,
typos and wannabe DXers often post erroneous spots. It is difficult
to work all active entities since one can't always be at the rig.
Furthermore, I avoid nets, schedules and as a rule don't stay up late
or operate at odd hours during the nighttime. Also, some rare DX
stations or DXpeditions aren't always available during optimal
propagation times or operated for very short periods of time and only
made a few QSOs.

In a typical year, I average about 280 entities worked. In 2001 I hit
my personal maximum with 293 worked while missing about 6 entities.
Therefore, it looks like working 300 entities by one operator in a
single year is possible but highly improbable.

For recent comparison, 2004 was a tough year for DXing netting me only
273 entities while missing about 12. However, the legitimate
activation of VU4/A during December of 2004 after a long dry period
(about 17 years) was enjoyed by many trying to work their last entity
on the DXCC list.

2005 started out much slower than past years but I managed to work 272
entities after a late year up-tick of over 20 new ones beginning with
better propagation between September and December. Over 250 entities
were worked on CW so that mode has not gone away as some predicted. I
managed (for reasons noted above) to miss about 12 entities that were
believed to be active during 2005 (although some only made a hand full
of contacts) viz.: 3X, CE0Z, EL, FO/C, J5, JD/O, T30, VK9/L, VP6, VU4A
and ZL9. Hence there were only about 284 entities activated during

There was at least one big "surprise" activation during 2005, Desecheo
Island by N3KS/KP5 and K3LP/KP5 (although a short operations...yet to
be explained!). Other relatively rare activations and much needed
entities in 2005 included (but are not limited to): DK0X (Spratly),
3D2RR, 4W3ZZ, CY0AA, FT5WJ, FT5XO, H40HL, JXs, K7C (Kure) and VK0MT.

The following entities were not believed to have been active during
2005 and therefore are guides for those interested in activation a
rare entity in the future:

AF (16): 3B6, 3C, 3C0, 3Y/B, 5A, 9U, 9X, D6, E3, FR/G, FR/J, FR/T,
FT/Z, TN, VK0H and ZS8.

ANT (1): 3Y/P.

AS (7): 7O, BS7H, BV9P, E4, P5, VU7, XZ

EU (1): 1A0

NA (4): KP1, TI9, XF4 and YV0.

OC (16): 3D2C, FK/C, FO/A, FO/M, KH1, KH3, KH4, KH5K, T2, T31, T33,
VK9M, VK9W, VP6/D, ZK1/N and ZL8.

SA (6): CE0X, HK0M, PY0T, VP8G, VP8O and VP8S.

2006 promises activation of some rare entities noted above. Let's
hope the propagation gods and travel arrangements cooperate!

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Used with permission and with special thanks to "The Daily DX" Vol. 10, No. 002 - January 3, 2006
Editor/Publisher Bernie McClenny W3UR
Many thanks to Joe Reisert W1JR for the review