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Santa Claus On-the-Air from OF9X (OH2BH)

Schlitz Beer & Ham Radio 1955

SHARES QSL Card 2013

SM5BVU Photo

SM5BFJ in his Hamshack


SM5RM 1960 Hamshack

SM5RY Classic Hamshack Photo

SM6HCO Photos of Antenna etc.

SM6WET Photo

SM6WXY Hamshack & Antenna photos

Southeast Asia Story told by Chester Lunsford XV5AC/W4EVG

SP4CUF in his Hamshack

SV1CEI/P 2007 Melissia Elementary School, Greece

SV1QN The Hale-Bopp Comet viewed through George's tower

SV1QN shows his QSL from the last Olympics

SV1QN shows his QSL cards from his Myconos Island DXpeditions

SV1QN shows his Picture QSL of him in shack and more

SV1QN's 2 element homebrew qubical quad

SWL NL7666 in shack


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