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2GB's 1920 Vintage Spark Gap Transmitter

3A2LF 1994 Photo

3B8AD Paul Caboche Biography by W6YA

3B8MM Photo

3B9R DXpedition, 3B9FR & AA7A, Moonbounce antenna

3W3RR DXpedition Medals by UY5XE

3W8D Vietnam Letter & Photos 1966 by KB4SAD

3Y0Z Bouvet Island Dinner in Vienna, OH 1/2017 by K8CX

4L6PA 6 Meter DXpedition to the Republic of Georgia

4Z4JI 1975 Hamshack Photo + Info by W8SU

5EGA Portrait 1935 Oklahoma by NG6W

5R8EW in his Hamshack

5R8GQ QSL Card and Hamshack photo

5Z4AQ 1963 Photo

6AAF Lawrence Bradford Hinckley 1922 Cartoons

7BF 1917 Ham Operator with Rig by Patrick Rigg

7Z5OO Mike on the roof of the Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

7Z5OO Antenna system and rooftop view of Riyadh

75A1 Collins Receiver at Dayton Hamvention 1990's

8P9HU, 8P9DR, 8P9HR, 8P9HQ

8Q7AA The QSL Cards from the famous DXpedition are now printed

8Q7AA Ham Shack on the Beach

8Q7AA Antenna Farm on a Coral Reef

8Q7AA Force 12 C-3 on the Coral

8Q7AA Antennas at Sunrise


9ANZ 1927 Nebraska Photo

9M2CR in his hamshack

9M2DU Photo

9M6AAC Station at Hillview Gardens Resort!

9M6CT at the Hamshack of N8PR

9M8FC, 9M8MA, G3RJV, KK7B Group Photos 1993 - 1995

9N1LA at Kathmandu, Nepal, before going on Mt. Everest

9N1LA Base Camp, at altitude 5386 m and 9N1LA operation site

9N1LA Working on the radio from the "shack"

9N1LA Fixing the R7 antenna

9N1LA Kathy, one of the South African climbers

9N1LA Direction Europe, facing Pumo-ri mountain about 7100m high

9N1LA Me and two Sherpas erecting the R7

9N1LA Preparing antenna on Khumbu Glacier

9N1LA Direction south

9N1LA Me, fixing the antenna in front of the radio shack

9N1LA QSL Card from the Mt. Everest Base Camp Operation

9U5D and Country Flag

9ZN Season's Greeting Card

11 Meter Ham Band Frequency Change in 1949

11 Meter Letter of desperation by W2NSD 1956


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