VP2VB 1957 British Virgin Islands

Round The World DXpedition by Danny Weil VP2VB



Danny VP2VB (left) getting ready to operate from BVI.
Unknown person on right.
It looks like this photo was printed backwards, or are Danny and his friend shaking left hands...

Len Guldman W0FUH talked to Danny on July 21, 1957 and said that Danny expects to get his license renewal from England this week, and he will be in Tortola Saturday, July 27, as VP2VB, to operate on SSB and CW for ten days to two weeks.

He will use 14.075 Kc for CW and will answer calls from 7 to 13 Kc lower. He will use the vicinity of 14305 - 14306 Kc on SSB and wil listen for AM replies between 14200 and 14220 Kcs. He will listen for SSB calls between 14280 and 14300 Kcs. He will not answer SSB calls in the 14200 - 14220 Kc section of the band.

QSL from the estate of W8IZQ
Info from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Bulletin #8, July 25, 1957