Kure Island, Oceania

DX Zone 31, ITU Zone 61

Kure Island was deleted from the ARRL DXCC list on August 26, 2016 and reinstated on May 11, 2017

If you have any cards from Kure Island that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.

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K5LTH/KH6 1973 by W5EFA

K7C 2005 by DJ9ZB

K7GA/KH7 1979 by SM5LNE

K7K 1997 by AH6HY

KD7P/NH7 1990 by K8CX, W5KNE


KH6ECD 1961 by W5KNE

KH6EDY 1961 by K8BHG

KH6EDY 1966 by N1RJ

KH6EDY 1961 by SM5LNE

KH6HDB 1973 by DJ9SO

KH6JEB/KH7 1989 by ON4ADN

KH6JFI/KH7 1979 by SM5LNE

KH6LW/KH7 1979 by ON4ADN, W5KNE

KH6LW/KH7 1990 by I4EAT, W5KNE

KH7AA 1983 by AF5CC

KM6DQ/KH6 1970 by K8LSK

N2EQD/KH7 1984 by N2ZN

N4ZC/KH6 1978 by W9AU

W7UXP/KH6 1970 by W1CNU

WB0ICS/KH7 1982 by SM5LNE

WD8QGQ/KH7 1982 by I4EAT


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