W9WNV/KG6R 1963 Rota Island, Mariana Islands


Rota Island is located 30 miles north of Guam. It is 32 square miles and had a population of 1200 at the time of the DXpedition.


L to R: WA6ROP/KG6R Ernie, W9WNV/KG6R Don, K2QGC/KG6 Eddie, at Guam air terminal on the way home from the Rota Island DXpedition


People of the Mariana Trust Territory. Center: Mr. & Mrs. Tewksbury, Father Canise on the right (became a ham in the 70's, now sk).


WA6ROP/KG6 Ernie Tougas, W9WNV/KG6R Don Miller,
K5LXZ / KR6BH Ray Husher, K2QGC/KG6 Eddie Poppe


Loading the plane, Commander Dick Lacey on the right. He later became a ham.


WA6ROP/KG6 Ernie & Cmdr. Leisy ready to go in the Coast Guard rescue plane.


TH-4 going up!


TH-4 coming down from high winds!


K2QGC/KG6 Eddie, K5LXZ / KR6BH Ray


Eddie, Ray, Don, Ernie
TH-4 at 45 feet


Eddie, Ernie, Don, Ray, ready to board plane and leave Rota Island.

W9WNV/KG6R 1963 Rota Island, Mariana Islands

Eddie Poppe, K2QGC/KG6 (now KH2L), A2/c, USAF, stationed on Guam. Eddie still lives on Guam and married a girl he met on Guam, KH2CM.
See Eddie & KH2CM at the 2009 Dayton Hamvention.
Ray Husher, K5LXZ / KR6BH (now W5EW), A2/c, USAF, stationed on Okinawa.
Ernest Henry Tougas, WA6EJG (from 1971 - 1981), WA6ROP/KG6 (callsign now reassigned), MM2/c, USN, stationed on Guam, WA6ROP, KM6BV, KA2ET (USS Mansfield in Japan, late 1960s), He was a Senior Chief Machinist mate when he left the Navy. Silent Key (1920-1984).
Don Miller, W9WNV / HL9KH (now AE6IY), Captain, USAF, stationed in South Korea.
See Don Miller at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention.

Date of DXpedition: Feb. 16-23, 1963
Total number of QSO's: 5,242
80 thru 10M, CW and SSB
First station worked: JA1BWA
First USA station worked: W6WB
Most impressive stateside stations heard:
80M - W4DQS
40M - W6HJT
15M - W3GRF.


Photos and info from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Magazine #189 Mar. 30, 1963 & #194 May 11, 1963.
Other info courtesy of W5KNE
QSL from the estate of W0OKC