AP2CR 1960 West Pakistan


Colin Richards AP2CR operating on SSB from Haripur, West Pakistan claims to be the only SSB station from W. Pakistan.
Colin claimed to be one of the 1st stations in Asia (outside some KA's) to operate SSB starting in 1953. There weren't many SSB stations to talk to in those days. Some of the early SSB pioneers were G2IG, HB9FU, YA1AC, 9N1GW, and OZ7BO. Colin was asked to visit West Pakistan in 1951 to advise their Posts and Telegraphs Department on a program for training technicians, engineers and operation staff. In 1953 he returned to Pakistan to start the task of building a training organization. He was called a Telecommunications Engineer.

I have a AP2CR card from October 1955 to W9RUK with the note:  "Vy pleased to make my first ever W contact - glad it was SSB!"  This was on 20 meters.   W9RUK "Ike" was a big time Chicago area DX'er from many years ago.  The call has been re-issued to one of his relatives. W9VA

In 1961, Colin went on a DXpedition to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to put this prospective new DX entity on the air.

Courtesy of W5KNE
From the estate of W5BGP / W5IO
Photo & Info from Don Chesser W4KVX DX Magazine #106, August 17, 1960
Photo sent to DX Magazine by W7VEU
Other info courtesy of W9VA