Send us QSL or Old Photo scans for the Ham Gallery

Please only send QSL scans 1959 and older at this time.

Please don't send more than 5 QSL scans at a time. Please wait until these 5 go up until sending any more. These will usually go up within a few weeks. It's usually hard to keep up.

If you send a large quantity, I will put the first 5 up. The rest will go in a folder to be used at a future date.

Send scans of the more interesting QSL cards only. Don't send scans of common cards. Include the year in the filename, if not shown on the card. Use all lower case letters (example: kc4af_1957.jpg, or kc4af.jpg). Reverse side scans are necessary if the contact info is there. If you have any history, photos, or info to go with the card, send that long also.

Send hi-resolution, good quality images and I will crop them down to fit my format. Poor quality or distorted scans won't be used. Scan at 300 dpi and make sure the image is at least 600 dpi across or higher. Sending 300 dpi scans at 1000 or 1500 dpi across is fine.

Make sure the scanner colors are fairly correct. It takes a lot of extra time to get excessive yellow or pink out and try to reset the colors back to normal in Photoshop. Yellow scans are ok if the card is actually that color of yellow.

Make sure the cards are "filled out", don't send blank cards.

Don't send SWL, commercial, or broadcast QSL cards.

Make sure the cards aren't already on the QSL Gallery.

Try to align the card scans fairly straight and with white or preferably no background.

Don't send digital photos of the cards, they must be scanned.

Sending scans of old photos:
Be sure to include the year, callsigns, and some info if possible. Send hi-resolution scans. Some old photos are of poor quality to start with. This is ok to send.

I usually don't let you know when the scans are received. I will let you know when they are on the site.

You can always check to see the new additions to the site.

Thanks for your help.
Send scans to:
Tom K8CX


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