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August 2017

Antique QSL Chagos Is. VQ8CB
Antique QSL + Article OH W8DZ
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8AM
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8BC
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8BI
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8BM
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8CA
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8CI
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8CR
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8CS
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8CZ
Added Reverse Dodecanese 4UN
Antique QSL Mautitius VQ8AJ
Antique QSL Mautitius VQ8AV
QSL Card + Info Agalega VQ8BFA
Update QSL Lakshadweep VU7JX
Update QSL Maldive Is. VS9MA
Update QSL Chagos Is. VQ8BFC
Update QSL Chagos Is. VQ8AS
Update QSL Goa HB9QP/CR8
Update QSL Goa CR8AB
Update QSL French India FN8AD
Update QSL French India FN1C
Antique QSL Portuguese Guinea CR5AC
Deleted QSL Java PK1AF
Deleted QSL Java PK1AW
Deleted QSL Java PK1PW
QSL Card + Info Puerto Rico KP4AXX
QSL Card Easter Is. XR0YS
QSL Card Tunisia TS9A
QSL Card Juan Fernandez Is. XR0ZR
QSL Card Juan Fernandez Is. 3G0ZC
Antique QSL Cuba CM2BC
Antique QSL Cuba CM2PC
Antique QSL Cuba CM3CS
QSL Card Azores CT2YA
Antique QSL Uruguay CX3CS
Antique QSL Uruguay CX4CS
Antique QSL Uruguay CX4CZ
Antique QSL Uruguay CX6AD
Info added Galapagos Is. HDPP
Antique QSL Iran EP1C
Antique QSL Jarvis Is. KG6NVJ
Antique QSL Niue Is. ZK2AB
Antique QSL Galapagos Is. HDPP
Antique SWL QSL Radio Moscow
Aeronautical Mobile QSL HZ1AB/AM

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