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July 2015
Update Info on HAARP Project
Antique QSL KY W4JCH
Antique QSL CA W6RHM
Antique QSL CA W6LPY
Antique QSL CA K6ALZ
Antique QSL OR W7ONM
Tribute to Walter Dangel KL7BUS
Antique QSL MA W1AZU
Antique QSL NY W2SCI
Antique QSL NJ W2PRF
Antique QSL WI W9YT
QSL Card Alaska KL7BUS
Tribute to Rev. Dr. Charles Wood W2VMX
Antique QSL NJ W2VMX
WAZ Certificate to W1TYQ
Added Info European Russia R1WA
Added Info Georgia RIL
Antique QSL Fiji Is. VR2BL
Antique QSL Rodriguez Is. VQ8AS
Antique QSL Spanish Guinea EA0AF
Rare DX MP3 Sound Clip Cocos Is. TI9/RA9USU 30M CW
Antique QSL Swaziland ZS7D
Antique QSL Swaziland ZS7B
QSL Card Swaziland ZS5JY/7
QSL Card Swaziland ZD5R
QSL Card Swaziland ZD5D
QSL Card Swaziland ZS7/ZS6AJH
Antique QSL Georgia RIL
Antique QSL + Photo IL K9EAB
QSL Card Switzerland HB9JJ
QSL Card Scotland GM3ZXE
Antique QSL China C7OT
Antique QSL Monaco 3A2CF
Antique QSL Monaco 3A2AG
Added Photo Saudi Arabia 7Z3AB
QSL Card Mauritius 3B8CZ
Added Photo Mauritius 3B8CF
Added Photo Mauritius 3B8AD
QSL Card Mauritius VQ8BP
Antique QSL Mauritius VQ8AK
Antique QSL Mauritius VQ8AG
Added Photo Jordan JY1
QSL Card + Info VA K4LMB
Antique QSL European Russia R1WA
Tribute to Hugo Lambach II K9VYT
Antique QSL + Info China XU8NR
Added Info China XU8NR
Updated Info Turkey TA3AA
Updated Info Turkey TA3AA
Antique QSL Turkey TA3AA
Rare DX MP3 Sound Clip St. Lucia J68HS 6M SSB
Unauthorized Operation QSL Karen National Union 1Z9YL
Unauthorized Operation QSL UAE K6UA/A6
QSL Card Moldavia UO5ONQ
QSL Card Moldavia UO5ON
QSL Card Pitcairn Is. VR6PAC
QSL Card Egypt SU1STAR
QSL Card Namibia ZS3UN / OH7NRW
QSL Card Rwanda 9X/HB9AUZ
QSL Card Bosnia & Herzegovinia T9/SP2EXN
QSL Card Bosnia & Herzegovinia T99NN
QSL Card Sweden SI8MI
QSL Card Ukraine UB5LGU
QSL Card Central Kiribati T31AF
Antique QSL FL K4NCN
Antique QSL Austria OE6WF
QSL Card Asiatic Russia UE0QDA
QSL Card Asiatic Russia RW0QC
Antique QSL Asiatic Russia UA0RK
QSL Card Asiatic Russia RZ3BY/0
QSL Card Asiatic Russia RT0Q
Antique QSL Morocco CN8LC
Antique QSL Morocco CN8IU
Antique QSL MI W8WDV
Antique QSL NY W2UNR
Antique QSL Alaska KL7FAM
Antique QSL Northern Rhodesia VQ2AS
Replace QSL Northern Rhodesia VQ2FC
Antique QSL Algeria FA8TT
Antique QSL Libya 5A1TS
Antique QSL Dominican Republic HI8RM
Deleted QSL Canal Zone KZ5LAND
QSL Card Reunion Is. FR5GS
QSL Card Republic of Congo FQ8AR
Moved to Republic of Congo FQ8HP
Deleted QSL Gold Coast ZD4CH
Deleted QSL Gold Coast ZD4BV
Deleted QSL British North Borneo ZC5RF
Deleted QSL British North Borneo ZC5JM
Deleted QSL Kamaran Is. G3OLV/VS9K
Deleted QSL Kamaran Is. VS9KAC
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9PCZ
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9APB
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AQ
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AQ
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AT
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AP
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AL
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AHN
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AHH
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AC
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AC
Deleted QSL PDR of Yemen VS9AAS
Replace QSL PDR of Yemen VS9APW
QSL Card Australia VK6ZAA
QSL Card Australia VK6ZAA
Antique QSL Australia VK5HM
Antique QSL CA W6XAI
Antique QSL IN W9XG
Antique QSL Italy I1TKM
Antique QSL South Africa O-A3B
Antique QSL South Africa O-A3C
Antique QSL South Africa FO-A3F
Antique QSL South Africa A3A
Antique QSL South Africa O-A3D
Antique QSL Belgium 4EW
Antique QSL Belgium 4EA
Antique QSL Belgium 4CB
Antique QSL Belgium 4BN
Antique QSL Eritrea MI3LZ
Replace QSL Eritrea MI3NA
QSL Card European Russia UZ3RV
QSL Card European Russia UZ4L
QSL Card Asiatic Russia RZ0AM
QSL Card Vietnam 3W8ED
Antique QSL + Info China XU8RL
Antique QSL South Africa FO.-A5M
Antique QSL South Africa A4E, A3X
Antique QSL South Africa A3T
Antique QSL South Africa A4M
Antique QSL South Africa O-A4Z
Antique QSL South Africa A4V
Antique QSL + SARL Info South Africa O.A6C
Antique QSL South Africa A3E
QSL Card Kure Is. KH7AA
Antique QSL Italy I1TKO
Antique QSL + Info England G3AAT/A
Info Added Philippines KA1QL
Info Added Central African Rep. FQ8HN


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