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Antique 1925 Official Observers "OO" Card to 1BEZ from 3APV

Antique 1927 Official Observers "OO" Card to 3TF from 9AEK

Antique 1928 Radiogram to 5AUG from 5HU

ARRL Headquarters Postcard

AX2GAMES 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, Australia

1AW 1924 Hartford, CT card from Hiram Percy Maxim by K8CX

1N2A Marcos Neutral Zone 1969 Great Story and Photos by W4PUL

1U4UN 2016 King Dmitry I from Bir Tawil

4K0E 1988 North Pole Floating Ice Station by OE1HGW

7Z1AB 1991 Operation Desert Storm QSL by W2CVM

9CXX Late 1920's Art Collins by W5JB

AH1A 1993 Clamshell QSL by K9RHY

AX9NL 1981 "The Royal Wedding" by K8CX

Brazil 1948 IRC

BV0BG Barry Goldwater in Taiwan by K9RHY


Delta Airlines 1992 Dayton Hamvention

DI2DR 1965 Max Planck Atlantic Expedition by OE1HGW

Diana Princess of Wales 1997 by K8CX

DJ3NG/MM 1983 Fatal DX-pedition to Spratly Islands by JF2IGP

DP0SL 1985 Space Shuttle with German astronauts by OE1HGW

DQ0KBM 100 years of regular wireless service in Germany

DX1S 2000 Philippines OH2BH, JA1BK, DU1EIB, DU3YL, DU9RG, DU1KT in CQWW CW

Edward Guest QSL by KB4SAD

FCC Order to shut down Amateur Radio 1942 by W6CFK

FU8AD 1957 New Hebrides by G4UZN

G8UO Second reply for QSL 1950's by G4UZN

GB0BCL 1985 Beatles City by G4UZN

GB0JLM 1986 John Lennon by G4UZN

GB0JLM 1985 John Lennon by G4UZN

GB1MIR 1991 MIR Space Station

GB5QM 1972 Last voyage of Queen Mary by VA3DN

HK0TU 1969 Story & Photos by W4PUL

HM1IJ 1976 South Korea + Info by W8AI

IRC Postmarked from Aden

IRC 1959 PA by VA3DN

JA1AA, JA2AA, JA5AA, JA9AA, JA0AA 1996 by K8CX

JQ1YCW 2003 Cubesat XI-IV Satellite by G4UZN

JY1 King Hussein of Jordan by OE1HGW

JY1 King Hussein of Jordan by DL9ZAL

K0GRL 1956 General Curtis E. LeMay Aeronautical Mobile

K2US 1964 - 1965 New York Worlds Fair by K8CX

K2USA 1958 Ft. Monmouth Army Base, NJ

K4LIB 1960 Arthur Godfrey by W8SU

K4USA 1951 MARS Station at the Pentagon

K6EWQ 1933 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii by W9HK

K6QMC 1940 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii Radiogram by K8CX

K7RS Seanarc 1980 Convention Seattle by KL7IZZ

K7UGA 1967 Barry Goldwater by N1DG

K7UGA 1963 Barry Goldwater by KH6GF

K7UGA 2001 Barry Goldwater by K8CX

K8CVC 1961 Dayton Hamvention Card by W6HLM

KA0XTT "Last Man Standing" TV Show QSL by KB4SAD

KB1LWY & The HAMsters Class 2005 by K8CX

KDKA Broadcast Station 1928 by K8CX


KF3AA 1953 + Photos & Info Fletcher's Ice Island T-3 by W3EVW, N5WX, W4AQF

KF3AB 1953 + Photos & Info Flecher's Ice Island T-3 by Patrick Rigg, N5WX, W4AQF

KNT 1927 Zane Grey's Schooner by G4UZN

KH6SC 1948 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii by W0EHF

KJ6DO/KH7S 1982 Pirate Operation Suitland Is. by W9HK

KL7FLC 1966 + Photos & Info Flecher's Ice Island T-3 by Patrick Rigg, N5WX, W4AQF

LA1K/V 1969 from Hell by OE1HGW

LG5LG 1983 Morokulien, border of Norway & Sweden by OE1HGW

LU1SM 1991 by 3W3RR

Mystery Antique Photo by K8CX, W8SU, NL7XM

NA1SS 2001 International Space Station by K8CX

NA1SS 2006 International Space Station by KB3NDS

N6V 1976 Mission to Mars by W6BKA

N6XD Well Done & Cute QSL Card

NAA of the U.S. Navy 1940 by W1GUP

NC0ARL 1976 ARRL Bi-Centennial National Convention by W0MOV

OH9SCL Santa Claus Land 1999 by G4UZN

OIX-7 1947 Finland Broadcasting Station

RS0ISS International Space Station 2005 by N6JZ

RS3A 1978 Russian satellite RS11 by G4UZN

RV2/FO8 1948, QSL & great story, by W3EVW, G4UZN

Sputnik Russian Satellite SWL Card 1957 by SM5LNE

SVA 1999 Greek coastal marine station

TI9CF + Photos & Story 1970 by W4PUL

TN8-15796 1967 Congo SWL Station


U2OU The New York Times Radio Station by VA3DN

UC2IT 1938 Denver, Colorado by W9QOW

UPOL-13 1965 Soviet drifting (ice) station by OE1HGW

US0SU 1st Joint US / USSR DXPedition by N4MHQ

VP1SJC 1948 by W4HRR, W5KNE

VQ3HGE 1948 Gatti-Hallicrafters DXpedition to the Mountains of the Moon

VS1BB/VS9 1958 an expedition by R.A.F. Seletar by G4UZN

W4GYZ 1947 + Info by W4HRR, W8SU

W5LFL Space Shuttle Columbia 1983 by K6RQ

W5RRR NASA Houston, Johnson Space Center by 4Z5OZ

W7U 2002 Salt Lake City XIX Olympic Winter Games by K8CX

WA1ARF/KL7 1967 + Photos & Info Flecher's Ice Island T-3 by Patrick Rigg, N5WX, W4AQF

WD2AID 2003 features Marvel Comics Red Sonja

WWV 1st Day QSL Card by K8CX

W0CXX 1952 Arthur Collins, pres. of Collins Radio Co. by KH6GF

W1AW 1967 by K8CX

W1BB Stu Perry 1971 by W8RAK

W1BB Stu Perry 1965 by G4UZN

W1BB 1952 Stu Perry QSL on piece of wood by Bob Demaline

W1BDI F.E. Handy ARRL Communications Manager

W1IGZ 1933 Aero Radio Club 5 Meter Tests + Photos

W1MK 1931 ARRL HQ Station before W1AW

W2CKD 1956 Tex Beneker, jazz musician who played with Glenn Miller

W2EHR 1956 Wife of Tex Beneker by G4UZN

W2SKE 1954 Bill Leonard, President of CBS News by W8SU

W2USA 1939 New York Worlds Fair by W1GUP

W2USA 1947 New York First Army HQ by G4UZN

W4TXL 1976 Zac Reynolds, Tobacco Clan? by W4MI

W5AGB/FM 1953 + Info, Photos Fletcher's Ice Island by Patrick Rigg, N5WX, W4AQF

W5LFL 1983 Space Shuttle Columbia by K6RQ

WA4HVL 1970s Plastic QSL Card by W4MI

W6EE/S 1961 Oscar 1 Satellite by W7SCW

W6FEW 1949 + "Interesting Story" by W6ARC

W6RO 1979 Queen Mary + Old postcard by K8CX

W6USA 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition by W9WPF

W8GOD 1932 Nice callsign!

W8GZ 1958 Windom Antenna inventor by K3ZO

WB6MID/8R3 1978 by K9RHY

WB6RER Andy Devine 1965 by W8SU

WAR Signal Corps of the U.S. Army 1941 by W1GUP



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