QSL Cards from Unverified Operations

Cards that were not approved by the ARRL for DXCC, for one reason or another.

If you have any cards that may fall into this catagory, that aren't listed below, please send them to K8CX for the Gallery.


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1B9WNV + Info 1967 by W8JIN, 5B4AHJ

1B9WNV + Info 1967 by OE1HGW, 5B4AHJ

1U4UN 2016 by UY5XE

0S1A Seborga by I4ZSQ

1N2A Marco Neutral Zone 1969 by K9MM

1X5AA Chechnya by N4MHQ

1Z4NG 1970 by W5KNE

1Z9A 1985 by K8EX

1Z9A 2009 by AF3Y

1Z9B 1988 by W0OKC

1Z9B 1989 Karen National Union by RX1AG

1Z9D 1991 Karen National Union by W5RUK

1Z9YL 1988 by NG6W

2W5DX 1992 Land of Oz by W2BAK

3V1TS 1982 Tunisia by JF2IGP

3W3RR / JAIL 2015 by K8CX

5A0RR 1993 Libya by K8CX

7O0A 1990 by I1RBJ

9D2UU 1993 Iran by K8MFO

9U5DX 1996 Burundi by W9AU

9Z3AA 1960's by N2BTD

C1A 1992 Republic of Bougainville + 1st day cert, license by K6RQ

C21XF Fake 160M QSL 2005 by G3TXF

CZ2AC 1948 Monaco by W3EVW, W5KNE

D0B 2016 Donetsk People's Republic by UY5XE

D1ANR 2016 Donetsk People's Republic by UY5XE

EJ-7DD 1928 Jugoslavia by VA3DN

F7ML 1946 France by G4UZN

FA0MT 1963 Algeria by N2BTD

FD1PKE 1991 Kurdistan by G4UZN

FI3AG 1951 French Indo China by Patrick Rigg

FR/G/FH4EC 1987 by NG6W, ON4ADN

FL5/XE1L 1990 St. Vincent by G4UZN

FR/DJ6SI 1992 Glorioso Island by K8CX

FR/G/DJ8CR Glorioso Island by W6GCW

G3NOM/ZC6 1996 Gaza Strip by N4MHQ

G6SIX 1979 by K5SW

H5ABP 1983 by K6EID

H5AIR 1982 by K8CX

H5ANX 1995 by DH5MM

H5COA 1978 by VE7IG

H5FXT 1978 by VE7IG

HB9AFG/EA0 1968 by W8JIN

HC8JU 1960 by G4UZN

HH0N 1981 Navassa Is. by W4OV

HR4AF 1937 by Patrick Rigg

HR4AF 1939 by G4UZN

HR5C 1938 by G3NDC


HRO 1937 Honduras by W5KNE

HZ1UU 1954 by W8JIN

I1A/1P4A 1994 Principato di Seborga by N4MHQ

I1TKM + Info 1934 by Patrick Rigg

I1TKO + Info 1937 by G4UZN

I2RAO/HK0 1994 Malpelo Is.

JA1DNG/YI 1982 Iraq by K8CX

KJ6DO/KH7S 1982 Pirate Operation Suitland Is. by W9HK

K6UA/A6 UAE 1984 by NG6W, W4WJ

K7LMU/TI9C 1965 Comoran Reef by OE1HGW

K7SS/PTI 1990 Puyallup Tribe of Indians by W3EVW

KF0XIE 2013 "Last Man Standing" Station by KB4SAD

KL7PJ/P 1983 Pribilof Islands by K8CX

MS0IRC/P 2005 by W8SU

OK1DTG/P5 1992 by W6YA

P5/R0MEO 1992 North Korea by K8CX

P5DTG 1992 by NG6W

P5RS7 1992 North Korea by K8CX

P7BS2 1992 North Korea by K8CX

R7C + Info 2007 by UY5XE, G4UZN

S1AD + Photo 1982 Principality of Sealand by G4UZN, W8SU

S42HZR 1983 by K8CX


S8AAW 1980 by I0HUB

S83W 1981 by K6EID

S88TH 1988 by UY5XE

SN1AA + Info 1929 Ascension Is. by Patrick Rigg, W5KNE

SU1SK 2002 by HK8RQS

T00O + Info 1996 by G5HY

T00PB 1997 by RA3AUM

T00SW Seborga by OE1HGW

T08T 1995 Seborga by I1RBJ

T4A 1979 by K8CX

T4IND 1979 by VE7IG

T4YL 1974 by VE7IG

T10VB 2013 by G4UZN

T88A 1995 by K9RHY

T888 1995 by I1RBJ

TM5AA + Info 1965 by G4UZN, OE1WHC

V9ADC 1984 by K6EID


VK0HM 1971 by K6EID

VK2ADY/VK0 1966 by W2VRK

VR6AA 1953 by K6UA

VS9BU 1949 by G4UZN, 5B4AHJ

VS9O + Photo, Info 1958 by W4KVX

W3AZD/KP0 1980 Search Reef + Info by OH2VZ, K8ND

W4VN/5 1989 Navassa Island by I4EWH

X1NP 1955 by W6YA

X5BYZ 1994 by UY5XE

X5EBL 1993 Republic of Serbs by OE1HGW

XG2CX + Info by G3NDC, G4UZN

XZ5A + Photo 1981 East Burma by K8CX, W7DNY

XY0RR 1991 Myanmar by K8CX

XZ9A 1981 E. Karen State by K6EID

YA/IZ1CCK 2013 by IK2FDV

YI1AS 1981 Iraq by VK3OT

YI3PUK 1990 by W6YA

ZA1KAD 1955 by W6YA

ZA2AA 1948 Albania by W8JIN, W5KNE

ZA9WNV 1967 by W1TYQ

ZB2A/VS9 1959 by 5B4AHJ


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